What to do after work in Stockholm & Gothenburg

Finishing up a long day of work in Stockholm or Gothenburg, and looking for things to do and places to eat? Then read on to get our top tips, guaranteed to brighten your day.

If you have spent countless hours in a meeting room you’re probably more than ready for a break. Luckily, Stockholm and Gothenburg have a wide range of activities ready for you. Combine them with a visit to one of the tasty eateries found across town and you have yourself a great night out. Check out our list of activities or museums you can visit, whilst dining close by.


1. Sailing on Asian winds

It might seem like a strange combination, but Asian cuisine pairs excellently with famous Swedish ships. Head on over to the Vasa Museum, where the world’s only preserved 17th century ship awaits you. The museum stays open until the end of May with the possibility to visit for a longer period of time on Wednesdays. This marvelous warship sank in the Stockholm harbor in 1628, only to be salvaged 333 years later. You can walk around the museum and spend all the time you want, or see it all in an hour with a self-guided tour.

Afterwards you can head on over to Koh Phangan (site in Swedish only), a great space for Thai food and quite the experience. The restaurant itself is decorated to look like a beach in Thailand, where you’re seated in what seems like wooden huts. There’s also a fish-filled stream running through the restaurant and it even rains inside! To boot they serve delicious dishes, filled to the brim with fresh ingredients and packed with taste. Definitely an experience!

Vasa museum stockholm ship

2. Soothing strolls and Swedish specialties

After spending a long day inside you should head outside to enjoy the green lungs of Stockholm. Vasaparken is the perfect spot, where you can stroll under lush trees and walk the same paths as famous children’s author Astrid Lindgren. She lived in a building right next to the park and there is an entire area dedicated to her. Vasaparken is the perfect spot to clear your head and get a breath of fresh air before or after getting down to business.

If you’re at Vasaparken in the evening, then you can head on over to Nisch afterwards, where an exciting venture into Swedish food awaits you. Here, you’ll be treated to an ever-changing chef’s menu that takes you on a journey through Sweden, showcasing fresh daily Swedish ingredients. As the restaurant is quite popular among locals as well as tourists, you should book a table ahead of time. If you’re staying at our Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel, Stockholm then both Vasaparken and Nisch are located just a 20-minute walk away.

Vasaparken stockholm park

3. Sampling Scandinavia’s finest

Ready for a pop-blast from the past? Then you can’t miss out on the ABBA Museum, where the stories of four famous Swedes await. As you walk through the museum, you can gaze upon countless memorabilia, see video clips, listen to their songs and even watch interviews with the band. Or if you’re feeling like a Dancing Queen then you can even record your own song. When All Is Said And Done it’s going to be a fun experience, so why not take a chance on ABBA?

After having your ears feast on some of Scandinavia’s finest tunes it’s time to let your taste buds enjoy the same. Make your way to Eriks Bakficka, where modern Scandinavian cuisine awaits you. From the outside it might seem like nothing special but inside the finest produce, fish and meats come together to create new takes on the classics. This is a place with the charm and atmosphere of a small bistro, serving food of the highest quality. Their a la carte menu is filled to the brim with taste and this is definitely a restaurant you’ll remember. Both the ABBA Museum and Eriks Bakficka are just a short taxi drive away from our Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel, Stockholm.

4. A modern heart and soul

There’s no place like Stockholm’s Modern Museum of Art (Moderna Museet) when you’re looking for a refill of contemporary or modern art. Through their wide array of exhibitions you’ll be taken on a journey into the works of some of the art world’s biggest and more unknown names. The museum’s own collection features several works by key artists such as Picasso, Andy Warhol, Henri Matisse and more. Admission is free, meaning there is no excuse to miss it.

You can get there with ease from our Radisson Blu Airport Terminal Hotel, Stockholm-Arlanda Airport. All you need to do is to hop on the Arlanda Express train, taking you to the city in a mere 20 minutes.


5. The best of two worlds

It might be Stockholm’s smaller sibling, but Gothenburg is a force to be reckoned with. Head on over to the Museum of Gothenburg to learn more about the exciting history of the city, ranging from the industrial times to the Viking Ages. This is the place to be if you are into history and wanting to learn more. If you’ve picked up the Göteborg City Card then admission is free.

A mere 3-minute walk from the museum, The Barn (site in Swedish only) is a restaurant that will take you across the Atlantic Ocean and into the U.S. You might have guessed it already, but the restaurant does in fact resemble a barn! What better place to enjoy American specialties and Swedish twists than inside a farmstead? They grind their own meat, produce their very own mayonnaise and bake their own bread. It’s the perfect place to go when you’re in town for work and want a taste of authentic homemade food.
After your night out you can head back to our Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Gothenburg, located a 10-minute walk away.

Whether you’re staying in Stockholm or Gothenburg, there are plenty of things you can do in order to relax after a hard day’s work. These Swedish cities are filled to the brim with activities and superb eateries to combine with them, ensuring you can fill up on food as well as culture.

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