What you need to know about Iceland´s water


Welcome to a land with clean, crisp skies and fresh glacial water trickling at every turn. Iceland will quench your wanderlust and have you feeling rejuvenated with its unparalleled nature and green way of living.

Although the word ‘Iceland’ conjures up images of white plains and arctic conditions, the country is one of the greenest in Europe, both in landscapes and in terms of environmental friendliness. The ‘Land of Fire and Ice’, as it is known, is all about water, sustainability and responsibility. Learn more about this incredible system and how Radisson Blu contributes.

Iceland knows how to keep it cool

You may be used to floride or chlorine tainting your tastebuds while rehydrating but not in Iceland. If looking for some refreshing and cool glacial water, just find your nearest faucet. Filtered through the mountains or the barrier of lava rock in the ground, the water has no need for alterations. About 95% of the tap water is untreated groundwater, filled with minerals and is perfectly pure. Only water collected from the surface needs treatment, so ultraviolet light is used to make sure it is safe. Looking to see a little more of where it all comes from? Go on a South Shore Adventure to the South Coast or check out the Glacier Lagoons.

Iceland knows how to heat things up


When you land in Iceland you will be greeted by unimaginable views, cooled lava fields, geysers, hot springs and steamy sights. Depending on how close you are to water, you may also smell the sulfur. Some people liken the smell to rotten eggs but you can be safely assured that the water here is so incredibly pure, you could even drink it directly from the streams and lakes. When you turn on a tap of hot water, you might get a little puff of sulfur, but not to worry! The hot water here is heated by geothermal fields like that at the famous attraction the Blue Lagoon. If you are interested in seeing some of the natural hot spots (and you should be), then head to the Blue Lagoon and then check out the Geysir Field on the Golden Circle.

Iceland knows how to keep it clean


Keeping water clean in Iceland doesn’t stop at recycling or showering without your swimsuit before getting in pools and hot springs. It is all about lifestyle and respecting the environment around you and this Icelanders do very well. Around 90% of houses in the country are heated with geothermal energy. Think that is amazing? 100% of electricity is produced with renewables and the only use they have for fossil fuels is in the transport industry.

So how do we keep on caring?

Buying bottled water in Iceland is like buying a window seat on a Ferris Wheel – completely unnecessary. The tasty stuff imprisoned in your bottle comes from the very same place as the water in your tap, but your tap is more environmentally friendly. This is why Radisson Blu 1919 Hotel, Reykjavik has found a solution: Foldable Water Bottles. Instead of buying plastic bottles and throwing them, you can grab one of these and refill them as you go around exploring this wild and wonderful country.

This is just one of the ways the hotels try to be responsible for the environment. They both have the Green Key Award and were the first two hotels in Iceland to receive one, because of the practices they put in place. Recycling is key, so they make sure their guests can even recycle in their rooms and have information available on how to save water each day.

So, during your next stay in Iceland don’t just marvel at the immense beauty of its landscapes, take part in keeping them beautiful by staying at the ecofriendly Radisson Blu Hotels.

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