What´s new at Disneyland Paris

Pavel L Photo and video Shutterstock - Renovations are coming to Disneyland Paris, meaning more magic than ever before

Disneyland® Paris has drawn visitors from all over the world to Paris ever since 1992. This year magical changes are coming to the park. Perhaps your favorite ride is getting an upgrade?

Disney’s imagineers, the crew responsible for designing and creating the magic found at the amusement parks, are always hard at work. In 2016 we will see some of the fruits of their labor as several rides gets an overhaul.

Seeing new colors and tunes

Pavel L Photo and video Shutterstock - Renovations and upgrades are abound at Disneyland Paris in 2016

© Pavel L Photo and video / shutterstock.com

Normally, at the “It’s a small world” attraction in Fantasyland, dolls wearing traditional clothing from around the world sing and dance to the popular Disney® song, with the same name. However, the ride will remain closed until the end of December 2015 or early 2016. When it reopens, visitors will be treated to several new surprises, including new dolls and costumes.

Other anticipated changes include a revised musical score and a new color palette. The attraction, which is geared towards younger guests, features several canoes in which visitors ride along, catching a glimpse at different cultures around the world. Countries featured include Mexico, Sweden, and China.

Bringing a tree house back to its roots

This popular walk-through attraction features a tour of the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House, which as the story goes, was built in the branches of a large banyan tree after the Robinson family was shipwrecked. While many Disneyland® Paris attractions are getting complete makeovers this year, including revamped decor and additional characters, the goal for this iconic attraction is to restore its original nostalgic design.

You'll have to wait until approximately September 2016 to enjoy the updated version, with upgrades including a full waterwheel and irrigation system. When the new attraction is up and running, the tree house will feature new paint and foliage as well as the latest effects and renovated waterfalls.

Taking flight to Neverland

Peter Pan’s Flight will remain under construction until the summer of 2016. During this time the ride will undergo changes such as new colors and better lighting. This attraction is popular among visitors of all ages, offering a trip to Neverland that passes by a number of settings and scenes as the journey progresses.

Enjoy a glimpse of the night sky over London with a view of sites like Tower Bridge and Big Ben. Travelers are greeted by grand waterfalls and volcanic peaks on their descent into Neverland and on arrival, you'll get to see the Mermaid Lagoon and the Lost Boys. Sit back and watch an exhilarating duel between Peter Pan and Captain Hook.

Hearing the thunderous roar

Oleg Mikhaylov Shutterstock - Big Thunder Mountain is one of several rides that are receiving upgrades in 2016

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This ride, set up as a rollercoaster through an abandoned mine, is scheduled to remain closed for most of the year. Once it reopens, however, it's sure to be a crowd-pleaser. One of the most anticipated changes to Big Thunder Mountain is an explosive surprise during the final turn. The new change will take place during the 'fire in the hole!' scene. Before renovations, the scene was one of the most memorable of the attraction, characterized by a large explosion as your mine cart brings you along a fast track full of dynamite.

The explosion caps off a fun, hair-raising ride that consists of many sharp turns and dips as you speed through a barren and ghostly mining town. While this attraction has undergone previous changes, this latest remodeling is one of the most profound upgrades yet, full of innovative changes and surprises along the way.

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Top image © Pavel L Photo and video / shutterstock.com

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