What´s on in Dublin 2015

Street Performer, BlueFire Street Fest Dublin

Dublin is a vibrant and bustling capital that never sleeps. Find out what’s on this summer and autumn in the ‘fair city’, showcasing the best of Irish cultural events.

From music, street artists, photography and comedy to sporting events, such as the All-Ireland Final, and even a Coffee and Tea Festival here are our top recommendations for a cultural day out in Dublin.

PhotoIreland Festival 2015

A lack of recognition for photography in Irish culture lead to the creation of PhotoIreland Festival in 2010.  Its goal: to cultivate a better understanding of photography and promote the works of Irish artists both nationally and abroad. It also attracts visiting artists from across the globe through a series of events and exhibitions. Some of the highlights include PhotoIreland Book Fair, The Library Project and exhibitions from Dominic Hawgood, Christine Peschek and other international artists.

http://photoireland.org/festival/year-2015/ | 1-31 July

The Festival of Curiosity 2015

Formed in 2013, this aptly named annual Festival of Curiosity is dedicated to all things science. Taking place in venues across the city, it celebrates science, technology, design, maths and the arts. Its packed programme is ideal for families, as it instils curiosity, thought and innovation, whilst combining learning with fun.

http://festivalofcuriosity.ie/ | 23-26 July

Tiger Dublin Fringe

Crown Dancing, Tiger Fringe Dublin

Immerse yourself in two weeks of music, comedy, dance and theatre. This Fringe Festival has a dynamic programme and is the perfect platform for new and innovative acts to try new material as well as attracting well-known artists, actors and comedians. Over 40 indoor and outdoor venues across the city will be transformed into stages to showcase over 800 events.

http://fringefest.com/ | 7-20 September

All-Ireland Hurling & Football Finals

Hurling is a sport unique to Ireland and is thought to be the world’s oldest and fastest field sport dating back over more than 2000 years. It is played with a stick, known as a ‘hurley’ and a ball, known as a ‘sliotar’. The GAA All-Ireland Final is the highlight of the season and takes place in September. Gaelic Football is another team ball game unique to the country and this final also take place in the same month. Although not a festival, this event brings about the year’s largest sporting celebrations in the city. Come along and join in the action with celebrations and singing.

http://www.gaa.ie/ | September

Dublin Coffee and Tea Festival

Dublin Coffee and Tea Festival

Anyone who has seen the TV show Father Ted will know of the love that the Irish have for drinking tea. The Coffee and Tea Festival is dedicated to everything from harvesting, brewing and drinking. Events include a brewing school, barista competitions, the Roaster’s Village, a Food Village and much more. If you are one of these people who can’t get through the day with a warming cup of caffeine or have a passion for tea and coffee, come along to Industries Hall in September.

http://www.dublincoffeefestival.com/ | 11-13 September

BlueFire Street Festival

BlueFire Festival is a one-day event filled with music, fun and entertainment. The Live Music Stage offers a great line up of musician and bands. Elsewhere in Smithfield Square, street and graffiti artists will be entertaining the crowds, market stalls will be offering edible delights, arts and crafts. The aim of this free festival is to encourage integration through creative and artistic events from across the globe.

http://bluefiredublin.ie/ | 19 September


Kalle Ryan Live at Lingo Festival Dublin - Source Lingo Festival

Continuing with the arts theme is Lingo: A spoken word festival. It is well known that the Irish love the opportunity to tell a story or two and they do have a way with words. This festival is a celebration of this thriving heritage through workshops, readings, poetry and much more.

http://www.lingofestival.com/ | 16-18 October

Radisson Blu St. Helen's Hotel, Dublin

The Radisson Blu St. Helen’s Hotel, Dublin is an architectural gem dating back to the 18th century and is situated in tranquil gardens just 5km from the city centre. It places you close to all of the festivals and events whilst offering contemporary living and a cultural lifestyle when visiting the capital of the Emerald Isle.

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