Where to Brunch in Stockholm


We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but brunch is much more fun. Whether you’re a tourist visiting Stockholm or a native Swede, we know just the place to brunch with friends and family. Brunch has been a Sunday favorite for social gatherings since the term was first coined in Britain in 1895. Because we believe in the importance of breakfast and cherish the fun of brunch, we have gathered some of the best brunch places in town.

100% Plant-powered vegan brunch

Once considered a decadent indulgence, brunch has become a favorite pastime. Its rise in popularity calls for original choices, and we've got just the place for that. For a pure experience, the Radisson Blu Royal Park Hotel, Stockholm produces its own products of the highest quality. Dig into our homemade delights of Vegan savory puff pastry, homemade coconut yogurt, bacon made from coconut, acai bowls, avocado toasts, sweet potato fries, falafel waffles, crispy granola... and much more. Experience Sweden's first 100% vegan hotel brunch!

Plant Powered Brunch Radisson Blu

Best Sunday brunch

Of course, a little decadence never hurt anyone and sometimes we could all use a little pampering. Brighten up your Sunday with a brunch that's truly out of this world. Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel in Stockholm likes to go big to match the grand décor and view, making your Sunday a very special occasion. Taste your way through the menu with our wide variety of delightfully modest but unbelievably delectable dishes. Just when you think it can’t possibly get any better, we top it all off with our piece de résistance, the dessert table. Full of sweets guaranteed to tickle your taste buds!

Brunch Desert Table

Brunch is quite possibly our favorite meal of the day, but technically, brunch is breakfast for late bloomers. Should you find yourself up earlier, our Super Breakfast boasts just as impressive an assortment as the brunch menu.


Visit Stockholm Radisson Blu Blog BannerWhether you want to give into your sweet tooth, crave the vegan experience or are looking for something jazzy, Radisson Blu has a brunch for you. Give yourself something to look forward to, and book your next brunch today!

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