Where to eat in Frankfurt: for meat lovers and veggies

Where to eat in Frankfurt: for meat lovers and veggies

Frankfurt may be regarded as Germany’s finance and business capital, but like many cities across the country it plays home to a fine dining culture that has roots in iconic meat dishes, but is as diverse and fascinating as they come.

Perhaps the most iconic of local delicacies, the bratwurst sausage, has travelled far and can be found at Christmas markets and street food vendors worldwide, while the ever popular wiener schnitzel is so celebrated, its strict veal and breadcrumb recipe is enforced by both German and Austrian law.

But where are the most interesting and delicious places to eat in Frankfurt, and where do you turn if you’re a vegetarian looking to try something new? Luckily, there is no shortage of quirky, alternative and surprising dishes and restaurants out there for travellers while staying at our Radisson Blu Hotel Frankfurt.

Best meat dishes in Frankfurt

There are around 50 regional varieties of bratwurst alone in Germany, but if you are really serious about meat, then look no further than Atschel, a restaurant that is a firm favourite with locals.

The sizzling pork shoulder with fried potatoes and salad comes recommended by reviewers, and the Frankfurt Platter gives visitors a foodie tour of Germany on a single plate – combining pork knuckle, shoulder and ribs, together with frankfurters, beef sausage, sauerkraut, with both fried and mashed potatoes. Perfect for sharing!

Highly recommended by locals, acclaimed restaurant Leib & Seele specialises in traditional German fare. The generous roasted pork ribs come well-fired and with sides of sauerkraut and fried potatoes, and are considered a speciality by reviewers. Those looking for a fusion twist should try the lip-smacking schnitzel bolognese with melted cheese.

Another Frankfurt institution is Ebert's Suppenstube, which is a soup and sausage deli housed within a famous butcher shop that’s been open for four generations. Soups of the day have previously included a hearty sausage stew, and a cream carrot orange and sage broth – ideal for cold days. Why not add a white sausage, pretzel and mustard plate on the side for the perfect German lunch?

Where to eat in Frankfurt: for meat lovers and veggies

Frankfurt’s vegetarian restaurants

Of course, you needn’t be mad about meat to appreciate fine dining in Frankfurt, as the city houses a rich selection of restaurants and cafes specialising in both vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Acclaimed vegan deli Chimichurri is well-loved by locals, and offers healthy and filling dishes that are full of colour and intrigue.

For a truly unique experience, try their fruity and spicy soy Schweinefleisch – German for pork – with a generous helping of chickpeas, Hokkaido pumpkin, warm potato pancakes and tomato salsa. If simple and classic strikes your fancy, try a bowl of potato wedges and salad lathered in Frankfurt green sauce – a mix of sour cream, mixed herbs, mayonnaise, dill pickles and mustard.

Another restaurant of note is the well-reviewed Wondergood, which offers huge portions and regular vegan buffet events. Their affordable menu includes many diverse dishes, from spicy buckwheat meatballs with cauliflower and lemongrass, to crunchy polenta slices coated in herbs with mushroom broccoli and tomato ragout. Meat lovers can even play pretend with the meat-free Wondergood burger with a side of tomato curry.

Where to eat in Frankfurt: for meat lovers and veggies

Food innovations at Frankfurt’s Kulinart exhibition

Food connoisseurs would do well to investigate Frankfurt’s yearly kulinart trade fair, held October 24-25 at the Bockenheimer Depot centre. All are welcome to attend this celebration of regional German delicacies and emerging international food trends, and visitors can meet with new start-ups in the culinary world.

Previous exhibitors include Die Trueffel Manufaktur, which produces truly luxurious pots of butter, hollandaise and sauces made from truffles – which are the perfect accompaniment to any fancy dinner party or dish.

Given Germany’s rich baking history, another previous exhibitor of note is Mozzer's Finest, an online shop that specialises in high-end baking and cake mixes to help you produce a wide range of fresh treats – such as tomato and pepper dough bread to accompany Krüstchen, a dish comprised of fried egg on rye with fries or potato salad.

Be you meat lover, vegan or vegetarian, Frankfurt has a delectable range of restaurants and dishes to satisfy the appetite of any traveller visiting this bustling German city.

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