Why Jameson is the world´s favorite Irish whiskey

Follow in the footsteps of John Jameson and learn everything there is to know about the world’s favourite Irish whiskey at Old Jameson Distillery in Dublin.

Dublin is renowned across the world for its quaint pubs brought to life by traditional Irish musicians, friendly locals and the craic. For some, it is enough to experience this. For others, there’s a chance to learn more about Ireland’s much-loved beverages. For those who prefer a dram of amber nectar, learn all about the world’s most-loved Irish whiskey at the Old Jameson Distillery and walk in the footsteps of its founder, John Jameson. A visit here will take you on a journey of history, production and beautiful flavors. Of course, you can have a sample along the way. Find out how simple ingredients can make a spirit that has become the top-selling Irish whiskey in the world today.



Tour Old Jameson Distillery

The original distillery is located in Midleton, Cork, but in Dublin you’ll find the next best thing. At Old Jameson Distillery, the original production site, let experienced tour guides take you on an entertaining voyage through the history of Jameson, whilst answering all your whiskey questions. Here, you can see the production process from start to finish, learn how John Jameson founded the whiskey and of this world-famous brand.

During the tour, there is a chance to taste the whiskey and the signature Jameson drink. When the tour is complete, set aside time to sample a whiskey or two at the bar and visit the gift shop where you will find branded products from hipflasks, glassware and clothing. You can even make your won personalised 12 year old Distillery Reserve bottle as a memory of your visit.

The world’s number one selling Irish whiskey brand

John Jameson’s distillery was born in 1780 in Dublin. It was a result of his vision and he focused on the small details, he even personally selected the barley and casks. It was also his decision to triple distil the whiskey to create a smoother flavour that revolutionised the way Irish whiskey was made. The business stayed in the Jameson family until 1966, and with it, traditions and secrets were passed down through generations. Irish Distillers now own the company but the family are still involved to this day. Over the years, the brand has expanded to become the number one selling Irish whiskey in the world, and a major competitor against other international brands from across the globe.

A little lesson on whiskey production

To create the smooth, balanced flavours of Jameson requires a few simple ingredients: water, maize, barley and yeast. The water comes from a spring of Dungourney River that trickles past Midleton Distillery. There are several stages to production: malting, mashing, fermentation and maturation. One of the most important factors in producing this amber nectar the Irish way is triple distillation. Learn more about what this means and what happens after the new spirit is laid to rest in wooden casks, as you walk through the historic surroundings of the distillery. Your guide will tell you that each year, 2% of the sprit evaporates. This is known as the angels share. No wonder there are so many cheerful people around Ireland!

The Master Blender carefully oversees proceedings and is responsible to make sure the end result is perfect. To find out more about this delicate art of making whiskey making join the tour and learn for yourself. There certainly is plenty to know about Uisce Beatha, the water of life in Irish Gaelic, pronounced ISH-kaa baaha.

Savor the flavor

Once you have mastered the art of production, take your whiskey knowledge to the next level with a tasting at the bar after your tour. You can select a comparative tasting where you can sample Jameson and compare it directly to other whiskies from around the world to see if it matches up. To enhance your brand knowledge, choose the Jameson Reserve Tasting. This gives you a more in depth experience and introduces you to the range of character, aroma and taste of different whiskies in the Jameson family, from rich sherry and toasted wood to vanilla oak.

Whiskey with a twist

Jameson is known for experimenting with whiskey cocktails and although it tastes great neat or on the rocks, it’s also the perfect base for a delicious cocktail. Try the signature drink at the bar and if you’re lucky the bartender will let you into the secret of how to make it.

Food and whiskey matching

There is a lot of talk about matching beer and wine with food, but did you know that whiskey actually makes the perfect accompaniment to any meal? One you have completed the experience, visit the onsite 3rd Still Restaurant. Not only does it offer views over the area you have just toured, it welcomes you with a three course à la carte menu. Make sure you ask the staff to recommend the right whiskies to accompany or complete your meal for the perfect balance.

If you are looking for the ultimate Irish experience, this venue offers an unforgettable Saturday night out and an exclusive Barrelman’s Feast. Your evening will be filled with a delicious three-course dinner, live music from the house band and Irish craic. The ‘Barrelman’ will impart fun anecdotes about Jameson throughout the evening to complete the party.

The Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Dublin is located near the Old Distillery. The attraction is popular so to guarantee a tour time that fits into your busy holiday schedule book in advance online, or pick up your tickets early at the site. Tours run from 10:00 to 17:15 daily and last one hour. Whether you are a whiskey-lover or have never tasted it, one thing is for sure, you’ll leave this experience with new expert knowledge and admiration for the detail that goes into making sure each bottle of whiskey is perfect. Once you have sampled it, you too will recognize Jameson as the best Irish whiskey!


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