Why Mauritius is the perfect honeymoon destination

Young beautiful couple on a tropical island honeymoon in Mauritius

If you are planning your big day and still haven’t decided on your honeymoon location, there’s no need to look any further. Mauritius is the ultimate, dreamy destination. Really. There is nothing more tranquil and romantic than endless beaches, azure water and spectacular sunsets, right? Enjoy the company of your soulmate on the most memorable island in Africa. No matter which activities or hobbies interest you, there is more than enough for you to enjoy together. Read on to start dreaming.

Young couple enjoying perfect view on Chamarel falls of Mauritius

For the sporty couple

If you want to combine serene beaches and adrenaline-inducing thrills, this is the perfect place! Head to the Northern parts of the island to Skydive Mauritius for an unforgettable experience. Whether this is your first time or if you’re a seasoned skydiver, nothing can beat this bird’s-eye view of paradise island.  Make sure to order pictures or a film so you can relive this once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you would rather stay in the plane, you can book a private seaplane or helicopter tour.

The azure-blue waters are extremely tempting, with an array of activities and ways to explore it. Jump on a catamaran sunset cruise to one of the nearby islands for a day of discovery. Or set your own course with a VIP cruise experience. If you prefer staying a bit closer to the beach, you should try water skiing, kayaking, parasailing or windsurfing. And if this sounds like the perfect honeymoon, check out 5 more reasons why Mauritius is the perfect retreat for sporty couples.

Land-based activities are also available, whether you like to break a sweat or operate heavy machinery. Take a seat next to your sweetheart in a buggy or quad bike and fasten your seatbelt. You’re in for a crazy ride. Ride along the rough off-road tracks but take a few short breaks to enjoy the scenery. You can also opt for a slower paced discovery from horseback, by bike or from the golf course.

couple kissing while skydiving in the sunset

For nature lovers

Even though Mauritius is an island, let’s not forget that it’s part of Africa. Get ready to explore the surrounding areas, making sure you’ll never want to leave. Take to the water and see the whales and dolphins play around beneath the waves. Put on your aqua gear for further discovery. There is an array of tropical, colorful fish, exciting wrecks, coral reefs and forgotten caves to explore. Float around with scuba gear, go on a glass-bottomed submarine tour or take an underwater sea walk. No matter which one you choose, you’ll wish you could grow some gills and stay forever and ever.

The island is a tropical paradise with mountains, hills and valleys covered with green trees and hidden treasures. So why not see the most beautiful sights of the island together with your significant other on a hiking trip? Make sure you bring a camera. There are several great options for added thrills along the routes and tracks of the island, such as wooden ladders and zip lines, taking this exotic discovery to a new level.

Take a quick stop at the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens for an unforgettable display of Mauritius’ flora and walk the incredible gardens.

Couple snorkeling in deep blue sea in Mauritius

For animal lovers

With such an amazing landscape, it is also reasonable to expect a varied wildlife of exotic species. At the La Vanille Nature Reserve, you can view an array of reptiles, such as the Nile crocodile, iguanas, caimans, geckos and tortoises. Hang out with the giant tortoises, swimming pigs and monkeys for a fun and eventful day.

For a Mauritian safari with giraffes, camels and big cats that will have you completely transfixed, head over to the Casela World of Adventures. You can join a 45-minute tour in a 10 or 30-seat vehicle to find yourself face-to-face with ostrich, white rhinoceros, impalas, zebras and giraffes. The highlight of the park is the Big Cat’s park where you can get a closer look at the majestic lions, tigers and caracals. Share a special moment with your loved one and spend 15 minutes in the compounds of lions, caracals or the adorable tiger cubs, a must when visiting!

Young couple and baby at Mauritius Casela Safari Park

For history and culture enthusiasts

There are several historical highlights scattered around the island that serve as a reminder of the rich religious heritage of the island. A must when you visit, is to take a drive to one of the nearest temples. You can pick and choose from more than fifty of them. As the main religion in the country is Hinduism, several ornate and impressive buildings are erected around the island, either as a place to pray or in honor of the Gods. The main attraction is the Grand Bassin, or Ganga Talao, a crater lake in the heart of Mauritius. This is considered to be the most sacred Hindu place in Mauritius and the main attraction is the temple dedicated to Shiva, Lakshmi, Hanuman and more. Explore the area and see the ornate buildings including the large statue of Shiva, a true piece of art.

Grand Bassin Temple Mauritius

No matter what activities and attractions Mauritius might have in store for you, choose the romantic accommodation of the adult-only Radisson Blu Poste Lafayette Resort & Spa, Mauritius  to top it all off.

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