A Wild Adventure At Lower Zambezi National Park

An elephant close-up at Lower Zambezi National Park

Lower Zambezi National Park is one of 20 National Parks in Zambia, a country which has devoted a third of its land to wildlife protection. Spanning a huge area of over 4,000 square metres, the park makes a stunning destination for adventurers. As it is just over an hour away from Zambia’s capital city Lusaka, the park is easily accessible for international visitors.

Read on to find out more about what you can expect on a visit to the amazing Lower Zambezi National Park.

Lower Zambezi National Park

Founded in 1983, Lower Zambezi National Park is still mostly undeveloped, offering visitors the chance to experience nature at its unspoiled best.

Zambia has banned the hunting of lions and leopards, so the park is a haven for populations of big cat, including lions and leopards, as well as buffalo, baboon, hippo, zebra, monkey, hyena, and Zambia’s native Puku. Huge herds of elephants roam the plains of the park and can often be found at the Zambezi River, sometimes in groups of 100. The river valley area of Lower Zambezi National Park is the best destination for wildlife spotting, as many of the mammals flock to the waters. The river itself holds tiger fish, bream and catfish, as well as providing a home for crocodiles and fish eagle, while in the skies above visitors can see parrots, lovebirds and the narina trogon.

The rugged landscape is as diverse as the animal life. Tall cliffs in the north of Lower Zambezi National Park provide a home for white-fronted and carmine bee eaters, while the river edge is shaded by ebony and fig trees. Acacia albida, or winterthorn trees, are abundant in the park, and provide renewable sources of nutritious food for the elephant herds.

Antelope kudu in Liwonde National Park


Visitors to Lower Zambezi National Park can head to one of the lodges on site for a range of thrilling activities.

Boating down the river can be easily organised, and is a fantastic way of seeing much of the stunning wildlife the park has to offer. The lodges offer a range of river based activities, like sunset cruises, fishing trips, and canoe safari. Anglers can rent all the equipment they need at the lodges, and will find that fishing is at its finest in September and October. Many lodges are nestled on the riverbank themselves, so after a day of wild safari guests can relax under the stars by the Zambezi River.

Lodges offer walking safaris and game drives with highly experienced guides around Lower Zambezi National Park, so you can see animals on the vast plains and get closer to more of the park’s wild beauty. Most of the lodges offer more activities for adventure or relaxation in this amazing setting, from hiking to massage. All lodges at Lower Zambezi National Park offer pick-up from Lusaka

Elephant at Lower Zambezi National Park

Plan Your Visit

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Elephants in Lower Zambezi National Park

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