Wild excursions in Northern Norway

The gateway to the arctic is not just about northern lights. Combine a northern lights tour and get close to curious whales, cuddly huskies or go hiking in the magnificent Lyngen Alps. What are you waiting for? Tromsø is the perfect base for planning your excursions around Northern Norway as September to December are the perfect months for a northern lights tour - you escape the extreme cold! The landscape is comprised of spectacular and changing scenery, making it a playground for activities and adventures. There are not many destinations in the world where you can watch the northern lights, dog sled and see whales on the same day!

Cruise the fjords

Norway is known for its unique fjord landscapes in the west coast, but the fjords of the north can be just as spectacular. Join Explore the Arctic on an unforgettable evening sightseeing cruise and take in the landscape as it unfolds before your eyes. These are the fjords and mountains that characterize Tromsø and nearby Kvaløya. On the tour, you’ll see the island of Håja, which Tromsø’s Arctic Cathedral is modeled after, as well as Ersfjorden and the mountains of Skamtind. If lucky, you may see whales or seals swimming around the boat and puffins or sea eagles flying overhead. If you’re keen to fish, this is also available.

Wander the mountains on snowshoes

Discover Tromsø with eyes wide open through Wandering Owl. They offer a variety of year-round trips. “Take a walk on the wild side” is a winter snowshoe tour. Explore Arctic tundra on foot and experience the silence of nature, with the exception of the snow crunching under foot. Your guide will lead you to the mountain top or through deep valleys. Keep your eyes focused at all times as you may pass by local wildlife including reindeer, eagles, hares and ptarmigan.

If hiking is not your thing, don’t worry. The “Arctic Landscapes” tour allows you to experience the incredible winter arctic daylight by car. The tour will take you to Kvaløya, an island close to the city and on the journey you will pass fjords, beaches, forests and villages. This is the ideal trip for those seeking the perfect photo opportunities and the guides are always on hand to help you with the camera settings. Along the way, you may spot orcas, humpback whales or even otters.

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Take on the Lyngen Alps by dog sled

It is said that an experience gets better when it is shared and what better than to share it with man's best friend? Join Tour in Lyngen Alps and their huskies on an unforgettable trip to the Lyngen Alps. Let the dogs guide you through the countryside while you sit back and enjoy the sight of majestic 1000m peaks. Huskies have a lovely temperament and enjoy nothing more than to pull you through the wilderness. Tours range from a few hours to several days and during the time you will learn how to care for the dogs, get the sleds ready and steer the dogs. Arctic Adventure Tours also offer dog sledding tours. Why not combine this with an arctic sunrise experience or hunt for the northern lights?

Catch the big fish at sea

Tromsø is renowned as one of the best sea fishing locations in the world. To find out if this is true, book yourself a cruise with Sørøya Havfiskecruise (Sørøya Sea Fishing Cruises). There are a choice of tours but choose the “Blue Light Hour” if visiting between October and March. Not only is the light incredible, it’s the golden opportunity to secure a great catch. At this time of year, cod, catfish, pollock, haddock and halibut are common. So far, the boat has not returned to the dock empty. The best part is you can cook and eat your fresh catch on the tour. So what are you waiting for? Try your hand at fishing in Northern Norway.

Get close to the whales

It is not only the sky that offers magic during the winter months in the north. The sea is abundant with life and many flock here in the hope of seeing killer whales and humpback whales making an appearance. They are regular guests in the fjords surrounding Tromsø. Basecamp Senja are experienced at taking guests out whale watching and know the best spots to see them. On a cruise lasting up to six hours all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the voyage into the whale’s kingdom. Along the way, you’ll learn about these majestic animals and hopefully get a snap shot or two for your photo album.

Although chasing the northern lights is on the bucket list of most, and they certainly can be seen in the north, Tromsø offers more than just aurora tours. After a day of dog sledding through the Lyngen Alps or trying your luck at fishing, it's great to get back to the heart of the city. At Radisson Blu Hotel, Tromsø, you’ll sleep soundly in the arctic air and will wake up to views of the Arctic Cathedral, fjord and snow capped mountains, not to forget the beautiful Arctic light - a definite recipe for a good start to each day. Still not convinced? Check out the hotel's 24H rooftop camera for a live view!

Radisson Blu Hotel tromso room with view

Start planning your Nordic Adventure today! Check out VisitTromsø and Northern Norway for a wealth of information and inspiration, and then book your stay with Radisson Blu!

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