Women power at Strand Gatherings

“We are working to empower females all around the world”


Radisson Blu Strand Hotel in Stockholm experienced women power as HER Global Network came together by Strand Gatherings. The Harbour Suite and the Tower Suite hosted key female role models and leaders. Behind this woman-empowering movement are Stockholm-based founders Aleksandra Avli and Sofia Kacim.

“HER is a life vest made by women for women. It's a community that brings the best out of us,” Avli explains about HER, a global women’s movement. The network connects and elevates women and the mission is to regularly gather driven women around the same table to discuss, network, and build a better world.

It is in the spirit of the newly transformed Radisson Blu Strand Hotel to take a stand and put important contemporary issues on the table. Avli and Kacim hoped to hear how female empowerment has become a vital cog within the global management of both Radisson Blu and Radisson Hotel Group.

“Just as HER Global Network is working to empower females all around the world, Radisson Blu is too within their hospitality chain. We hope to find trigger points where we can work together,” the founders stated before the event.

HER Evening at the Strand

“All HERs have different lifestyles, visions, and goals but what unites them is their mutual interest to develop as career women and conscious humans,” Kacim said of the evenings’ guests.

The evening started by HERs mingling over some refreshing drinks in the sunny Tower Suite balcony overlooking the Stockholm skyline. It then continued in the Harbour Suite meeting room, where a round-table discussion was accompanied with a view of ferries gliding in and out of the port.

The speaker of the evening was Strand Hotel’s General Manager Eva Kalling-Hansson who delivered a reflecting speech on Radisson Hotel Group’s initiative that seeks to promote the amount of female leaders in the Nordic countries. The speech kicked off a discussion about women in the workplace, career trajectory, and finding your place in this life- a dialogue that continued for hours.

Not a One-Woman Show

“HER has never been a one-woman show. We really complement one another; our different fields of work are what makes us interesting and well balanced as a team,” Avli and Kacim explain of their journey. After having met only three years ago they have already set up a global network with roots in Stockholm, Berlin, New York, London, Barcelona, and Copenhagen.

“Both of us were, and still are, very eager to improve relations between women on a micro-level, and leave the macro-world we previously belonged to,” the founders say. Their joint mind-set made it easier to build HER on a global level. Working for months twisting and turning their vision gave them a stable foundation to continue to build and extend the network empowering women.

Feminism Equals Liberty

Feminism was one of the hot topics of the evening at the Strand hotel. Kacim ponders on how feminism is about raising us all equally, not women before men. “If we can inspire people, no matter the gender, to come together and create a platform where they can meet and lift each other up - then the power of HER has sprinkled it´s sparkle.”

When questioned on whether feminist movements still have a necessary place in a country like Sweden, Avli’s answer is a resounding yes. “We have come a long way forward. But we’re not completely there yet. The wage gap and equal representation in management boards, among other things, are only some of the big female questions ahead.”

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