The Wonders of Dubai Miracle Gardens

Only one thing is missing from the fantastic marvel of flowers in the middle of Dubai’s desert: a yellow brick road. A visit here is like walking straight into the magical world of Oz.

Described as a city of dreams, a visit to Dubai is like walking into a futuristic world of wonders. There aren’t many other places in the world you can enjoy such a variation in attractions. At the same time it seems unlikely that a lot of them would be located in a location like Dubai. A city with a hot desert climate isn’t exactly where you would picture finding the world’s largest aquarium or an indoor ski resort. This is what Dubai is all about. Nothing seems impossible here, and even if it appears to be so, there will always be someone who proves you wrong. On Valentine’s Day in 2013 the city of wonders and dreams opened yet another “impossible” attraction: the world’s largest flower garden.



A Flowery Fairy Tale

Made up of more than 45 million blooming flowers in eye catching colour combinations, Dubai Miracle Garden is unlike everything else in the region or indeed the rest of the world. In 2013, the garden was named the largest vertical garden and its flower wall holds the Guiness World record for its length. This truly makes it a new landmark in the City of Dubai.

Imagine how it would be if Alice’s Wonderland melted together with Dorothy’s Oz and the landscape of The Night Garden. After a visit to Dubai Miracle Gardens you will no longer have to. Whilst ordinary botanical gardens display unique and beautiful plants, they seldom leave you with the same big ‘wow factor’ as this fantastic attraction. This is no ordinary botanical park. Flowers in every colour you can think of, shaped into arches, hearts and covering houses, give a feeling of walking straight into a fairy tale.

Walking through the whole garden takes around an hour but the likelihood is that you will stay longer than that. As you stroll down one of the brick roads, called the umbrella pathway, gaze up and be mesmerised by the roof made up by parasols in every imaginable colour.

The Miracles of the Garden

Even if you have no extensive knowledge around botany or landscape architecture, it is not difficult to understand why it is called the Miracle Garden. Creating this riot of colourful flowers is no small feat. Just the mere fact that the surrounding landscape consists of desert sand stands as a witness to great cultivating skills. Rows and flows of flowers create an ocean of colours which please the eyes wherever you turn.

What really makes this a miracle is how it’s all based on nature itself. Whilst many other attractions often depend on consuming natural resources, the Miracle Garden is a contribution to the environmental tourist field. It’s a renewable idea which allows new beauty, designs and an attraction which changes from season to season. In addition to this it uses a drip irrigation system which reuses waste water.


Still More to Come

When staying at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Media City, you’re situated near pristine beaches and other popular tourist attractions such as the Dubai Mall, to which the hotel offers shuttle services.  The Miracle Garden isn’t close to the touristy areas or the metro, but from the Dubai Mall a cab will take you there for not much more than 30 drh. During the warmest summer months, from late May to September the garden will be closed.

It is also worth mentioning that the attraction is still evolving and have a phase two coming up. When it’s completed the garden will include nine domes filled with beautiful butterflies, and herbal and edible plant gardens. Here you can make your own cup of tea, or salads with ingredients freshly picked from the gardens. So for a feast that will please all your senses the next time you’re in the city of Dubai, make sure to visit the Dubai Miracle Garden.

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