This Works rolled out exclusively in Radisson Blu hotels and resorts

Radisson Blu is delighted to announce an exclusive global partnership with This Works - a natural beauty product line created by no other than Kathy Phillips, International Beauty Director at Condé Nast Asia and internationally recognised beauty and health expert.

The new Radisson Blu guest amenities line will deliver natural beauty solutions to Radisson Blu guests worldwide. The exclusive selection of travel-friendly products builds on This Works’ existing popular In Transit range – a curated collection straight from the expertise and knowledge of this ex-Vogue Beauty Editor. The collection is being rolled out exclusively in Radisson Blu hotels and resorts worldwide as we speak and we hope you enjoy the In transit experience.

With an exclusive amenities collection, we want to offer all Radisson Blu guests a chance to indulge in a more luxurious hotel experience. This is also just one of the steps we are taking to ensure our guest get the most out of their stay with Radisson Blu.

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