Your one stop chocolate shop: Ҫikolata Dükkani

Cikkolata dukkani mode chocolate mouse with strawberry and cream

Can a simple chocolate shop be so good you would travel to a new country to try it? Istanbul’s Ҫikolata Dükkani certainly is and we want to show you why.

The all indulgent Ҫikolata Dükkani Moda (website in Turkish) is going to send your taste buds to heaven and back with smooth chocolate, ice cream, truffles, you name it. Let your mouth fall in love with each bite and savor the romance. Welcome to your wildest dreams!

Cikkolata dukkani mode berry berry chocolate

The timeless Berry Choc

Starting with the finest ingredients, the treats here are flavored in a way that makes your heart skip a beat.

Cikkolata dukkani mode strawberry chocolate drops

Strawberry White Chocolate Domes

The owners aren’t interested in settling for second best, which means they are always bringing in new products that will wow you bite after bite.

Cikkolata dukkani mode strawberry drink

Strawberry Lemonade

Not only can you buy chocolates here, you can also sit down and enjoy the sweetest meal of your life topped off with a drink that Zeus would descend Olympus for.

One of the interesting things about this boutique is that the creators want to keep old traditions alive and celebrate Turkish women. They have done this by naming their top three deserts with traditional women’s names: Mualla, Asuman and Ferhunde. Let’s meet the ladies:

1. Mualla


2. Asuman

3. Ferhunde

These treats are a huge success and we can see why. Anything smothered by milk chocolate is bound to get your mouth watering. But M. Tilmaz Cihan from Ҫikolata Dükkani says that they are successful in more ways than one. They have already had two parents name their kids one of these traditional names thanks to the way these delicious dishes have brought tradition alive again.

cikolata dukkani truffles

When on the way out, your stomach will be rejoicing. Filled to the brim with desserts that are so good the special ingredient must be magic, you may be content with going home. But remember now no chocolate will taste the same, so be sure to fill your bags with truffles and treats to take with you.

Set off to this cocoa wonderland from Radisson Blu Bosphorus Hotel, Istanbul across the bridge to the Moda District and check out their Instagram for more sweet snapshots of what is in store.

All images: © Ҫikolata Dükkani

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