Your romantic fling with Malta

romantic weekend - Beach at Malta with boat on the shore, fisherman boat

The Maltese Islands have plenty of ways to warm your hearts and get you feeling giddy again. Take a trip and get cozy with these nine love kindling ideas. Life doesn’t always leave time for love, so if you feel like your relationship could use a little holiday from the average day to day responsibilities, then book a getaway to Malta. Let the warm sun heat your hearts on that long overdue romantic escape you've been dreaming of!

1. Picnic at Azure Window

You wouldn’t want to leave the Maltese islands without seeing the Azure Window, a natural phenomenon that is completely lovable in itself. The rock will have you smitten and it's just the spot for a cool dip. Get cozy and have a picnic by the sea side with a rocky window framing the sunset. It doesn’t get much more romantic than that!

romantic weekend - Azure Window Malta, Gozo, Comino

2. Romantic stroll at Mdina Old City

Like your own private castle, Mdina Old City is a wonder in itself. Stroll through its shaded narrow streets, grab an ice cream and explore this ancient walled city. The atmosphere here is said to be timeless…

romantic weekend - Mdina Old city and cathedral on hill, Malta

3. Couple snaps at Valetta waterfront

You may not be the type to fill your Instagram with lovey dovey couple-shots and quotes, but you will want to get a snap or two at Valetta’s waterfront. It's quite Instagrammable! It’s romantic, it’s magical and it’s the ultimate setting for that perfect profile pic.

Valetta waterfront Malta old buildings and ocean

4. Sunset sailing on a yacht

Sailing off into the sunset may sound like something people only do in cheesy love movies, but have you ever thought of trying it out for yourselves? Sailing Charters Malta want to bring couple goals to life by taking you out across the water, while you wine, dine and let the fresh Mediterranean air roll across your shoulders.

5. Hand holding at St. John’s Cathedral

Whether an arm around the waist or hand-in-hand, St. John’s Co-Cathedral is beyond beautiful and wonderful to experience with your better half. There is art all around you as soon as you step inside, including works from renowned artists from across the world.

romantic weekend - St. John's Cathedral interior Malta

6. Drinks with a touch of jazz

As a couple, you may not want to get all sweaty with strangers at a nightclub, playing music that sounds like a train screeching off the tracks. Instead, head to Django Jazz Bar and grab a few drinks with awesome live music mixing in with that carefree island feel. Swing, sway, tap or just soak it in.

7. Evening meal with an enchanting view

Food always tastes better when paired with a great view. Head to Valetta waterfront and take a seat at one of the restaurants there like Giannini or Fumia. Enjoy the magnificent scenery while playing footsie under the table, and taste each other’s desert!

romantic weekend - Valetta waterfront Malta, restaurants and cafes by the water

8. SUP Paddle boarding

It is always a little fun to challenge yourselves as a couple and try something new, so why not go all out and try SUP paddle boarding yoga with SUP Yoga & Fitness? Stand up paddling alone is a great core workout that is incredibly fun. The yoga section will have you feeling supple and relaxed, unless you are terrible which in that case you will just be soaked! Whether you are pros from the get-go or utterly uncoordinated, this is a great activity to get you feeling good; because if you fail at the yoga, laughter is still the best medicine.

9. Relaxation

Every holiday needs a bit of relaxation, whether it's on a golden sandy beach or poolside with a cocktail. This is where your holiday gets better with Blu. Stay close to all Valetta’s best attractions at the Radisson Blu Resort, Malta, St. Julians or live like royalty at the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Malta, Golden Sands. Share sunscreen massages, fight over the best pillow and let your loved one be your only priority on your romantic fling with Malta.

romantic weekend - Beach at Malta with boat on the shore, fisherman boat

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