Zurich: The City´s Best Photo Hot Spots

Polyterrasse Zurich

Great views, impressive architecture and sites that have been steeped in history. Switzerland’s largest city offers a myriad of opportunities to take unique pictures that are sure to make anyone jealous of your holiday. From classic sights such as the Grossmünster and Lake Zurich to the trendy Zurich West district - inspiration for great pictures are a dime a dozen here.


The observation deck right outside the building of the technical college of Zurich offers one of the most beautiful views over the old town and the Uetliberg located behind it (which by the way is also a great place to visit if you’re into breathtaking views). Whether you would like to have a picnic here, relax whilst reading a book or simply enjoy some sun - the terrace’s quiet atmosphere is the ideal place to do just that. And for architecture lovers, the college and university buildings make for an impressive photo motive.

Zurich West

Today, the former industry district is a contemporary area where you can enjoy a relaxed shopping spree or just linger. Amongst other things, it’s home to the longest viaduct and the highest building of Switzerland. If the posh designer shops are too expensive for you, why not enjoy some bites in the market hall or in one of the numerous cafés. The colorful “Regenschirmstraße” [umbrella street], where colorful umbrellas dangle above the street, is definitely an iconic photo motive in Zurich.

Zuerich West

Lake Zurich (Bürkliplatz)

The Bürkliplatz, named after the engineer Arnold Bürkli, is actually a shipping pier located directly at Lake Zurich though it is often used as a space for markets, art and events. It offers a great panoramic view from Lake Zurich all the way to the Swiss Alps. If you would like to see the city from a different perspective, you can get aboard one of the many sightseeing boats and take great pictures on the water. A little tip: If you go early in the morning or late in the evening, there won’t be too many people around and you can take pictures in peace.

Zuerich Lake


Numerous historic events have taken place at this green oasis site located in the middle of the city. Today, it serves as a place for peace and recuperation and boasts a beautiful view over the old town, the Limmat as well as the city hall. From here, you can also marvel at the Grossmünster, one of the city’s most well-known churches. With its characteristic double tower it’s considered Zurich’s landmark. To visit Lindenhof, it’s also best to go early in the morning or late in the evening so you can take the best pictures in peace.

Lindenhof Zurich

Radisson Blu Hotel, Zurich Airport

If you would like to unwind after an eventful day in beautiful Zurich, then the Radisson Blu Hotel located at the airport is just right! No other hotel can offer a better transport link. And if you still have some space left on your camera’s memory card, you’ll also have plenty of opportunity to take iconic pictures in the hotel. The wine tower in the lobby is at least as eye-catching as the airplanes whose take-off and landing you can observe from the hotel during breakfast.

Radisson Blu Hotel Zurich

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